Kunshek Chat & Coal, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of Decorative Rock in the 4-State Area to both landscape companies and individuals, specializing in four different colors of rock: Sheridan White Rock, Alabama Rainbow, Dark Brown Deco, and Beige Deco. There are multiple sizes available in the Sheridan and Beige Deco. Rock. If a product outside of the available selection is desired Kunshek Chat & Coal, Inc. would be glad to locate and deliver the rock of choice. Various sizes of driveway rock are also available. Please click on the thumbnails below to view the selection. Call for current pricing.

Dark Brown Deco. Pea Gravel Beige 5/8" Beige 3/4" Beige 2" Beige 2.5" Beige

3/4" Sheridan White Rock 1.25" Sheridan White Rock 2" Sheridan White Rock 3/4" Clean Limestone AB-3 Limestone (3/4 Size down to lime) 2 Lateral Limestone Rock

Alabama Rainbow

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